Success Stories

To Whom it may Concern,

Further to our earlier discussion, we wanted to share with you the success we experienced with the heaters last winter in our daughter’s basement apartment.

For the final two years of our daughter’s time at school in Kingston, she lived in a basement apartment.
Despite our efforts, the apartment was always cold and cost a small fortune to heat it.
After it being dreadfully cold through the winter of her first year in college, we installed 5 of your heaters in her apartment for the winter of her second year and noticed a significant difference both in temperature and cost.

Her basement apartment is approx 800 total square footage; and we installed a heater in each of the two bedrooms (each measuring approx 120 sf), the dining area (measuring approx 160 sf), the living room (measuring approx 200 sf), and outside the bathroom (measuring approx 140 sf).
Overall, the temperature increase rose 6 degrees/the average temperature in the apartment was 18 degrees due to these 5 heaters, while the hydro cost to do so was approx $150 less than the previous February. This is over a 40% reduction in energy usage while providing more comfort than the traditional electric baseboard heaters.

We are so happy with the reduced hydro cost results of our daughter’s apartment, that we have installed 5 heaters in our 2 car garage in Cobourg.

We cannot thank you enough for your knowledge and assistance in helping us resolve a very difficult situation last winter for our daughter!

To your continued success,

Marshall & Lisa
Cobourg, Ontario